McCoy Profile (English)

McCoy MEDIA Operating Company

McCoy Co., Ltd


Pursue ‘real’ quality
Produce ‘real’ quality
Present ‘real’ quality to society


Continuously innovating by being the leader in the industry, cultivating a culture where having ‘real’ quality is a given, we strive to create a society where people can live in a safe and healthy world.

【Origin of Company Name】

McCoy is…
the genuine thing or person as promised, stated, or implied


Rie Arai

  • July 2005 Establishment of McCoy Limited and the running of an Esthetics Salon.
  • 2013 Began development of cosmetics and acquired relevant licenses for production.
  • July 2015 Establishment of McCoy Co., Limited. In addition to sales and production of cosmetics and the running of Esthetics Salons, began a school aimed at professionals in the esthetics industry.

【Previous Exhibits】

  • Jan 2014 56th Grammy Awards
  • Mar 2014 86th Academy Awards
  • May 2014 67th Cannes Film Festival
  • Oct 2014 Beauty World Japan Osaka
  • Jan 2015 International Cosmetics Trade Fair (Tokyo)
  • Mar 2016 Harbin Cosmetics Fair (China)
  • Jan 2017 74th Golden Globes
  • Feb 2017 89th Academy Awards

【Exporting Experience】

  • June 2012 Began exporting cosmetics to Tsing Tao, China
  • July 2014 Exported cosmetics to Malaysia
  • Nov 2014 Exported cosmetics to United Kingdom
  • Dec 2014 Began exporting cosmetics to Vietnam
  • Jan 2015 Began exporting cosmetics to Taiwan
  • Jan 2015 Opening of an affiliated salon in Tsing Tao, China